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Overview of “Frycorona Tech Initiative” Air sterilizers

Air Sterilization systems that utilize High Intensity Ultra-Violet light to achieve a high rate of air sterilization against airborne pathogens while emitting no harmful Ultra-Violet Radiation or Ozone.

 The three main characteristics of the sterilizers are:

3 Main Characteristics


Full Air Sterilization against Airborne Pathogens

Ultra-High Rate of Air Sterilization

Zero Emission of Harmful Ultra-Violet Rays or Ozone


The sterilizers are constructed from HVAC {heating, ventilation, air conditioning} industrial grade components in combination with a high intensity ultraviolet light source.

The air is passed through an “exposure” chamber where it is exposed to high intensity ultraviolet light operating in the “C” frequency band. The ultraviolet light damages the DNA and RNA leading to sterilization of viruses and bacteria.

The units are designed to sterilize large volumes of air at a very high rate. {measured in cubic feet per minute}

All components needed to construct the air sterilizer are available “off the shelf”

Your school can start building an air sterilization system as soon as you wish.

The designs and parts lists are available on the website.

 Skills needed to produce a sterilizer include: metal working, wood working, electrical, and more. Components such as the “specialized – double” fan may be 3D printed after being design using CAD {computer aided design} software. The flow of air through the system can also be simulated using CAD which represents a very high-level challenge involving physics and mathematics.

This is an open-source project developed by SterileWindTM. {} All designs are free to utilize.


We are starting a manufacturing community, here in the USA, which intends to reduce the spread of pathogens and help people avoid illness and live healthier happier lives.....  Join our Community

We are beginning the FryCorona community. We wish to pool the knowledge of BOCES and STEM programs in the high school and beyond. In manufacturing and HVAC systems we will learn from industry experts. As a community we can assemble a list of suppliers of necessary components, share designs, manufacturing practices, and much more. If one program has the capability of producing large quantities of a given part, they can make it available to other programs.   

              The FryCorona Tech initiative is a chance to utilize your knowledge, skills, and motivation to help our community and have a potentially global impact on a pandemic. It can also slow the spread of many other pathogens such as all flu and cold viruses.

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