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Portable Ultra-High Capacity Air Sterilizers

The SterileWindTM company is beginning sales with 1 model. It has an 8 Inch Fan, a 12 Inch sterilization chamber, and a 60 Watt UV-LED bulb operating in the 260 - 280 Nano-meter wavelength range.

Two other models utilizing 6 Inch and 10 Inch fans are ready for production.

8 Inch system  >> 8 Inch In-Line Fan

12 Inch diameter Sterilization chamber

60 Watt UV Lamp

260-280 Nano-Meter Wavelength


Air Sterilization Rate

> 300 cubic feet per minute rate

Additional Information

Height = 39 Inches

Base 24" by 24"

3 Main Characteristics

Effective Air Sterilization against Airborne Pathogens

Ultra High Rate of Air Sterilization >300 cubic/min

                 Zero Emission of Harmful Ultra-Violet Rays or Ozone

Industrial Strength Machines

HVAC Components

High Reliability Ultraviolet Light Source

60 Watts 260-280 nm.

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